• Airborne Search

    Unified Search Across Multiple Bases, Tables, and Documents in Airtable.

    Airborne Search

    Mission: Unified Search Across Bases and Tables in Airtable

    It's no secret that Airtable is severely challenged when it comes to findability. To help address this, Airborne Search was created to provide better findability for information workers.


    This product is currently in development and will be provided as a blueprint for implementing search in your organization with detailed documentation and a collection of tools and code to help you craft a search environment that your users will be unable to live without.


    It leverages the Airtable API and supports a variety of scripting languages including Google Apps Script and NodeJS. All source code is included.


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    Real-time Video Analytics with NVIDIA Platforms

    Stream It Live

    Mission: Real-time Security, Surveillance, and AI

    Stream It® transforms organizations and industries by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with advanced sensors to provide real-time insights and competitive advantages. Global Technologies works with Stream It to provide comprehensive AI solutions.


    Google Apps Script, NodeJS, Python, ElasticSearch, AI, NVIDIA


    A collection of integrated solutions that blend business content with advanced geospatial technology in Carto.


    Mission: Business Intelligence for CartDB

    Imagine dashboards and key performance indicators blended seamlessly into a dynamic map. CartoBI provides an effortless way to publish charts, graphs, and other operational indicators from the familiarity of Google Drive, and direct to CartoDB.


    Google Apps, Business Intelligence, and GiS



    Mission: Knowledge Management for CartDB

    Imagine geospatial gateways to your critical business documents - spreadsheets, reports, and slide presentations - all blended seamlessly into a dynamic map. CartoKM provides an effortless way to distribute business information directly from the comfort and familiarity of Google Apps, to CartoDB.


    Google Apps, Knowledge Management, and GiS



    This animated "torque" shows all the Summit Express driver stops overlaid upon route intensity during the 2014 ski season in Summit County (Colorado). This was created by integrating BigRoad tracking data via its API with with CartoDB. In the final production there are more than 40,000 driver events from four months of activity and compressed into about ten seconds.


    Intellectual Property Development. Product Development. Automation. Visualization. Mobilization. AI.


    Enterprise Presentation Content Management
    Startup, For Sale

    We provide tools to help enterprises identify risks associated with publicly-available PowerPoint content and solutions to achieve proven processes for enterprise presentation content management (EPCM).

    Web Security News

    Twitter Publishing, > 18,000 Followers
    Twitter Account, For Sale

    Web Security News is a digest of important security announcements and events about web application security techniques and strategies.

    Bill & Sheryl French

    Owners, Founders
    Yep, just us.